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Acoustic With A Beat

Folk / Acoustic

Mr Macy Wakes Alone



  • Publisher: Bathing Suit Music
  • Artist: PT Walkley
  • Track​ ​Number​: 15
  • Genre: Acoustic, Acoustic Rock, Acoustic/Folk, Film Score, Folk, Folk Rock, Garage Rock, Indie Rock
  • Tempo: 115-130 bpm
  • Mood: Beatles, Bouncy, Building, Dynamic, Easy Going, Feel Good, Happy, Heartfelt, Heartwarming, Hopeful, Intimate, Love, Magical, Mellow, Moving, Optimistic, Passion, Passionate, Romance, Romantic, Romantic Comedy, Sentimental, Shuffle, Sweet, Swingy, Thoughtful, Togetherness, Upbeat, Uplifting, Warm, Whimsical, Wistful
  • Has​ ​Vocals​: Yes
  • Featured ​Instrument: Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Drum Kit, Female Vocals, Finger-Style Guitar, Flute, French Horn, Horns, Male Vocals, Vocals
  • Description:

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