Where is the Love

Where is the Love Download

Where is the Love (Instrumental) Download


Alicia Enstrom

Middle Eastern

Orchestral/String Textures

  • Publisher:
  • Artist: Alicia Enstrom
  • Track​ ​Number​:
  • Genre: Eastern European Folk, Indie Folk, Middle Eastern, Orch Pop
  • Tempo: 100-115 bpm
  • Mood: Alternative, Ambient, Atmosphere, Bouncy, Curious, Drama, Dreamy, Dynamic, Enchanting, Happy, Haunting, Indie, Light, Mischief, Moody, Nostalgic, Pensive, Percussive, Playful, Poignant, Pulsing, Quirky, Smooth, Spooky, Tension
  • Has​ ​Vocals​: Yes
  • Featured ​Instrument: Acoustic Bass, Fiddle, Percussion, Pizz Strings, Pizzicato Strings, Strings, Tabla, Viola, Violin, Vocals
  • Description:

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