I’ll Know It When I Hear It…

Here’s a random playlist.

Rock, The Blue Jackets
Garage Rock, Pop, Punk, Rock
Chris Root
Electro Rock, Indie Rock
Folk / Acoustic, Pete List
Acoustic, Acoustic/Folk, Eastern European Folk, World
Funk/Blues/Soul, Shoulders
Acoustic/Folk, Blues Rock, Classic Rock, Gospel
Electronic/Dance, House/Triphop, Latin/Lounge, Quirk, Tuna Cola
Electro-House, Electro-Pop, Pop, Synth Pop, Trip-Hop
Brad Worrell, House/Triphop
Acoustic, Acoustic/Folk, Classical, Film Score, Jazz, Orchestral, Score, World
Michael Aarons, Orchestral/String Textures, Tension/Dark Drama
Electronic, Film Score, Orchestral, Score
Animation, BSM Tracks, Quirk
Electro Rock, Electro-Pop
Inspire Me Again

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