Soft Rock Genre Music

Adam Strum, Alt Country, Funk/Blues/Soul, Jazzy, Pop
Acoustic, Acoustic Rock, Blues, Blues Rock, Classic Rock, Folk Rock, Pop, Soft Rock, Soul

Need To Know Download

Music For My Landlord
Acoustic, Acoustic Rock, Blues Rock, Country, Indie Folk, Indie Rock, Pop, Soft Rock, Southern Rock, Surf

Blue Wheel Turning Download

Blue Wheel Turning INST Download

Acoustic, Film Score, Jazz, Pop, Soft Rock

All The Holes In You Download

All The Holes In You INST Download

Alt Country, Dear Gerorgiana
Acoustic/Folk, CountryBlues, Indie Folk, Indie Rock, Rockabilly, Shoe Gazer, Soft Rock

Maple Tree Download

Carlos Ledesma, Jazzy, Latin/Lounge, Rock
Bossa, Jazz, Latin, Soft Rock

Electric Fender Amp Download

DILIA, Funk/Blues/Soul, Pop
Pop, Soft Rock, Soul

Fools Wish Download

Fools Wish INST Download

Girl Inventor, Rock
Psychedelic Rock, Soft Rock

I Am A Lava Lamp Download

Alt Country, Dave Sherman, Jazzy, Quirk
Jazz, Pop, Soft Rock

Another Martini Please Download

Alt Country, Dave Sherman
CountryBlues, Light Rock, Pop, Soft Rock

Time and Tears Download

Alt Country, Dave Sherman
Country, Indie Folk, Soft Rock, Soul

Life, Fate Download

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